Sister Sledge

Women are the music of the world #wamow

Sister Sledge


Sister Sledge first took the world by storm in 1979 with their ubiquitous hit single “We Are Family.” Success continued with more hit singles like “He’s the Greatest Dancer” and “Lost in Music” that further established their following. Through the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s Sister Sledge has continued to tour the U.K., Europe, and U.S. with an historic 2015 performance for Pope Francis in Philadelphia. Now in 2016, Sister Sledge has completed their latest single “Women are the Music of the World” or WAMOW to be followed by remixes and a full album by end of year.


Cyber-NY partnered with Sister Sledge and their press and promotions teams to revitalize the brand and build social interaction to connect with fans through specialized content, events, and promotions. Our next mission was to establish digital distribution of their new single “Women are the Music of the World”, (aka WAMWOW) and develop a line of Sister Sledge merchandise. All elements tied together for direct fan engagement across all digital channels.


  • Branding & Design
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Search Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Digital Distribution
  • Web & Blog Development
  • Email Marketing

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