Merchant Ivory

Over 50-Years of filmmaking history

The Challenge

Merchant Ivory's films have been praised for their visual beauty, their mature and intelligent themes, and the shrewd casting and fine acting from which they derive their unique power. Founded in 1961, Merchant Ivory became a 50-year collaboration of three remarkable people from three vastly different cultures: Ismail Merchant, the producer, born in India; Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, the screenwriter, born in Germany and educated in England; and James Ivory, the director, born in the United States. Their films redefined independent cinema and continue to resonate with fans worldwide.

Cyber-NY first began working with Merchant Ivory in 1999 by collaborating with Ismail Merchant and James Ivory in coordination with Sony Pictures and Miramax Films to create individual film sites for The Golden Bowl, Le Divorce, The Mystic Masseur, and many more films distributed through MIP.

Soon we moved into a diverse range of services providing design, branding, merchandising, social media, and development of an online “filmography” detailing their 50-years of cinematic history. Our work has taken us to their offices in New York and Paris, on location during film shoots, and to numerous pre-release screenings. We've conducted online chats and interviews with James Ivory, Ismail Merchant, Sam Waterston, and Aasif Mandvi in the promotion of their books and films and developed content for their website. Today we are busy with the work of updating and archiving their history as we prepare for upcoming film releases scheduled for the upcoming year.





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