New York Japan Cinefest

Online screenings of emerging Japanese independent filmmakers November 17th through the 21st.

Image of Japanese sci-fi finds a receptive audience in Brooklyn article

Japanese sci-fi finds a receptive audience in Brooklyn

By JACK STONE TRUITT, Nikkei staff writer, November 13, 2021

Low-budget take on familiar sci-fi themes are connecting with US audiences at the Brooklyn SciFi film festival hosted by Cyber-NY in partnership with the Jimbocho Movie Fest and New York Japan CineFest.

ROI TV Interview with Mike Brown of Cyber-NY

Mike Brown reveals the origins of Cyber-NY, how it lead to the founding of the Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival, and why he does not consider Cyber-NY to be a website development agency.  He also discusses the future of the web, and the new platforms under development at Cyber-NY.  

The Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival returns for a second year this September, 2021

Cyber-NY continues its mission to bring independent SciFi films to one of the most innovative and creative hubs in the world: Brooklyn.

NFT Seminar by Jason Lewis

NFTs has hit the art world like a Shockwave! Interested in learning more? Sign up for this week's seminar by Jason Lewis.

Craicfest 2021 celebrates 23-years of Irish Cinema and Music

Celebrating the best of Irish cinema & music from Ireland, Craic Fest goes virtual for 2021.

Music Box Films Launches New On Demand and Virtual Cinema Online Service built by Cyber-NY

Music Box Films Launches New On Demand and Virtual Cinema Service

Kino Marquee wins award and from New York Film Critics Circle for virtual cinema

Kino Marquee wins award and from New York Film Critics Circle for virtual cinema

NYJCF 2020

We all have a role in our lives, So are film festivals. New York Japan CineFest’s mission is clear.  To explore and find unique talent, support their work, vision and cause as we provide creative playground in the most exciting city in the world, New York City.

Zeamo launches digital fitness video on demand service developed by Cyber-NY

Zeamo simplifies and enhances the relationship between fitness partners and fitness consumers with a digital-first approach.

Laemmle Launches Virtual Cinema Offering!

Laemmle Theatre Launches Virtual Cinema

By Michael Brown, October 9, 2020

Laemmle Theatre customers will now be able to rent movies online.

Image of Cyber-NY Launches The First Annual Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival article

Our first film festival built on Logic CMS and video platform

Image of Goldfarb Properties: Now Built on Logic article

Goldfarb Properties: Now Built on Logic

By Steven Bell, August 3, 2020

Goldfarb Properties Joins the Logic Family

Scene from “Bacurau” distributed by Kino Lorber via Virtual Cinema

Kino Lorber's Wendy Lidell explains on IndieWire how virtual cinema strategies could inform the next stage of the theatrical marketplace.

The Brrrn - At Home Video Service

Legendary NYC gym "The Brrrn" launches their At Home video service taking their classes online.

Faster Movies - Cyber-NY launches the new video streaming site for film director Mark Neale

Two Wheels. 200 MPH. Every Man For Himself.

By Michael Brown, July 1, 2020

Director Mark Neale launches with his library of motorcycle racing films now available on line.

Announcing Logic Virtual Cinema OTT video platform

Introducing Logic Virtual Cinema

By Michael Brown, June 1, 2020

Our turnkey solution for streaming and monetizing video content for independent theaters and film distributors.

Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival - September 2020

Join Us For The Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival

By Mac Montandon, May 29, 2020

Coming to a screen near you this fall! Cyber-NY presents the first annual Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival

Kino Lorber Brings Art-House Cinema To Stay-At-Home Audiences

Reid Rossman, Senior VP of Digital Distribution at Kino Lorber sat down with us to discuss Kino Lorber's rich film distribution history, challenges they've faced during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and solutions they've implemented with the help of our Logic Platform.

Innovation in a time of disruption - stories of how businesses adapt during the Covid-19 epedemic.

Innovation In a Time of Disruption

By Michael Brown, May 1, 2020

Inspiring client stories of adapting to the Covid-19 epedemic.