143 Productions Launches New Look

By Cyber-NY | December 22, 2023
143 Productions built on Logic CMX

About 143 Productions

143 Productions founder Elise Connett is the type of producer you can bring home for the holidays. A unique combination of on-set general and den mother, Elise has a global reputation for well-run sets. She provides full-service production from bidding, casting, hiring crew, and location sourcing, to fee negotiation and post production management. Elise brings 20 years of experience and an unceasing love of production to every project. Their work is on display at 143Prod.com, a portfolio and client asset management system built on Logic CMX.

With a client list spanning Chanel to Sesame Street, the work speaks for itself. 

For more than 20-years 143 Productions has been NYC's source for full-service video and photography production and post production management. Now their new online home is on Logic CMX.  The new portfolio site is not just another pretty face.  Logic CMX provides rapid creation of unique portfolio pages for client pitches and staging of video and still image assets to move their business along.  Check the new website out at 143prod.com