Feeling the Brrrn at Home as Fitness Goes Virtual

By Cyber-NY | July 1, 2020
The Brrrn founders Johnny and Jimmy

Legendary NYC gym "The Brrrn" launches their At Home video service taking their classes online.

It all started back in 2013 inside the 38°F beer fridge of Sixpoint Brewery in Brooklyn, when founders Jimmy and Johnny performed their first cool-temp workout trial and LOVED IT. And it wasn't just the beer talking. With eclectic backgrounds in public health administration (Johnny) and stand up comedy (Jimmy, who is also a personal trainer), they took their shared passion for fitness and created a new program based in research and testing. Fast forward to May of 2018, when they open the world’s first cool temperature fitness studio in Manhattan’s Flatiron/Chelsea neighborhood and the rest is history!  Their gym, aptly named The Brrrn quickly gained recognition and a large following in New York City and beyond.  

Long before the current COVID-19 crisis that would temporarily suspend their Manhattan location, Johnny and Jimmy were in development of a new innovative "At Home" program that would include a proprietary slide board and a subscription video service where clients can join a community and work out at home. Think Peloton but on an East Village apartment scale. The slide board facilitates a fun, safe, and impactful workout at a fraction of the cost of other services (we're looking at you Peloton and Boflex!) and can be stowed away behind a book case or under the bed. Perfect for all lifestyles and budgets. Now with hundreds of thousands of workout enthusiasts deprived of in-person gym visits, their At Home concept has become even more timely and necessary.  

The Brrrn, At Home services was designed and developed at Cyber-NY on our LOGIC Cloud Platform connected to Zype's video services. This combination allowed the service to go to market in a very short time frame and will continue to allow for innovation on an ongoing basis.   

Buy the slide board, subscribe to the workouts, and feel the BRRRN!