LOGIC Business Cloud - The New Ecommerce Platform From Cyber-NY Is Open For Business!

By Cyber-NY | November 2, 2018
Logic Business Cloud Ecommerce Platform

Introducing Cyber-NY's new cloud platform for business that provides enterprise content management, ecommerce, and marketing automation in one easy to use package.

LOGIC Business Cloud was designed from the ground up by Cyber-NY based on their 20+ years of experience building successful online businesses.  Unlike other cloud services (i.e. Shopify, BigCommerce, etc...), LOGIC is a professional solution built to be customized to match each client's unique business model no matter how complex.  Multichannel, ERP, CRM, multisite, or multiple fullfilment centers are no problem.  Logic is adapted to the unique requirements of your business and connects via API to third party services. But that's not the only difference.

Concierge Service Included

Unlike other platforms, LOGIC Business Cloud is supported by an agency service level.  Each website is customized and built to your organization's unique requirements including API connectivity to your ERP, CRM, fullfilment services, or other digital services.  From conception to launch, and beyond, full agency support is part of our service. Real people. A real part of your team. On conference calls with your vendors and there to support your business growth.

A Hybrid Approach

LOGIC Business Cloud provides the best elements of a traditional agency approach allowing for superior design, and customization with a maintained cloud platform that includes hosting, enhancements, security and code base updates. Your business thrives on our cloud while remaining unique and scalable. 

Own Your Code. Own Your Website.

There's one more important difference between LOGIC and other cloud commerce services and that is Code Portability. Your website can exit the LOGIC cloud at anytime. For whatever reason, if your organization wishes to cancel their subscription, your website can be transfered to a suitable hosting environment and continue operation for years to come.  Once you exit our cloud, you will no longer receive scheduled enhancements or agency services, but your custom storefront, CMS, website and all components are yours to operate and continue services. 

Stop paying the monthly subscription at Salesforce, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, or Square Space, and you'll lose your website and all customizations. With LOGIC, you own your code.


Ready to Learn More?

Visit our LOGIC demo page and schedule a demo or contact us to discuss how LOGIC can grow your business.