Theatrical Index - The Business of Broadway in the Palm of Your Hand

By Cyber-NY | May 29, 2024
Theatrical Index - The business of Broadway Theater

Cyber-NY Launches the Third Generation Theatrical Index Business Platform Built on Logic CMX.  


For more than 40 years, the business of Broadway theater has been the core focus of Theatrical Index as the go to resource for industry professionals.  This month sees the launch of the third-generation website and subscription service developed for the Index by Cyber-NY, and powered by Logic CMX.  Theatrical Index is available online and through a print publication, both produced by the Logic CMX platform which serves as a powerful database with extensive search and reporting tools.  Broadway, off-broadway, regional, and touring show grosses, openings, closings, and pre-production are all reported in the Index as well as industry news on venues, people, and companies behind popular fan favorites like Wicked and Book of Mormon but also lesser known fringe shows such as The Office - A Musical Parody or Titanique, the show that promises to reveal what really happened to Jack and Rose on that fateful night.


Bringing on The Heat - Theatrical Index's New Heat Index of Top Shows and People

Perhaps one of our favorite new features is the wildly popular Heat Index where the movers and shakers of Broadway theater can see how they rate based on the most active profile views.  The Heat Index provides a top 100 rating of shows and people that are shaping the industry in real time. Similar to Billboard's top 100, the Heat Index provides insights into current trends and is a powerful social compliment when paired with box office grosses, show schedules, and news from the Broadway Highlights blog.



Amung the Index's powerful tools, subscribers have access to pro features for box office grosses with comparison tools and filters, exclusive industry listings and contacts, and a calendar of industry events that includes openings, closings, casting, pre-production, and special events.  Similar to IMDB (The Internet Movie Database), subscribers can maintain and edit their professional profile creating a community managed database that acts as a LinkedIn for theater professionals.  While all of these features are available online, Theatrical Index maintains the traditional print publication as a subscription option.  All data is compiled and published from the Logic CMX powered platform allowing for a high level of customization supported by the team at Cyber-NY.



More About Theatrical Index

THEATRICAL INDEX has been the comprehensive resource for theatre professionals for over 40 years. It's an accurate, factual and up-to-date listing of all the shows on Broadway, Off-Broadway, Touring Productions, and the Premieres across the country. It's an insiders guide to the who, what, when, and where of the theatre business. Subscribers can find out what's happening now or next year, as well as who is working to make it happen. And now the information goes deeper with new web features including our exclusive interactive grosses section, our custom Pro Lists, and more. Our subscribers include producers, managers, hotels, members of the press, actors, directors, banks, and attorneys...anyone who needs to stay ahead of the game, because they are the game.

Cyber-NY worked with Theatrical Index to design and develop an online platform for business that provides a powerful database, search tools, calendar, subscription management, email newsletter creator, and print publication tool.  With dozens of preset modules, ecommerce capabilities, and an intuitive content management system, Logic CMX is the prefect platform for building performance based business applications.  Visit Logic CMX or contact us to learn more.