Our Services

We build highly functional ecommerce solutions developed specifically to grow your business and solve problems.  Our services include web design, commerce, app development, and tech solutions for a rapidly changing world.

Web & App Design

We create high-impact transactional websites custom tailored to each clients' unique business through a hybrid approach to website development that combines the design services of an agency with the speed of development of a cloud platform.  Our proprietary Logic CMS and business cloud product allows us to rapid proptotype your website or web app in an agile collaborative process that encourages innovation and communication.


Convert and delight customers with a custom shopping experience designed for your unique brand.  At Cyber-NY, we've been developing custom ecommerce websites for over 20-years with a proven track record of building secure web applications that increase profits and reduce maintenance costs.

Our latest-generation Logic Business Cloud provides a reliable framework to build custom store-fronts that seamlessly connect to third-party CRM, POS, ERP, and PIM systems. Cyber-NY has become a leader in custom development for client applications with unique requirements for film and video distribution, manufacturing, education, retail, and B2B verticals.

Video on Demand




Build dynamic video websites for entertainment, fitness, media, festivals, and events.  Our Logic Cloud Platform powers film & tv distribution, virtual cinema, fitness, and film festivals.