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Shout! Factory has redefined what it means to be an entertainment company for fans, by fans. Through its beginnings lovingly releasing and reviving beloved cult films and classic TV series, Shout! cultivated an uncanny ability to rediscover great content and applied these skills to producing and distributing fan-driven new releases that set the bar for independent entertainment.

Shout! Factory's rapid growth as an entertainment powerhouse resulted in the need for a robust order management system that could power multiple ecommerce websites while facilitating connecting to regional fulfillment centers and external product feeds. The complexity did not lend itself to an off-the-shelf solution.  They needed a commerce system, order management system (OMS), and content management (CMS) built for the entertainment industry.


Cyber-NY first developed a custom order management system built on our Logic Cloud Platform platform that allowed us to import current sales and product data and connect directly to their live front-end website. It was a bit like changing the spark plugs on a moving car, but we were able to deliver a seamless cut over to the new commerce system and launch a promotion shortly after.  The next step was to completely rebuild the front-end store website and content management system using our Logic CMS and connecting to their FilmTrack database. After a successful launch, a separate corporate website was added to represent all segments of Shout! Factory's business including original productions, theatrical releases, DVD, and Blu-ray sales.


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