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Back in the summer of 2013, while Jimmy is making his break in the New York City comedy circuit, he takes on a side gig as a personal trainer. During one of his sessions, a client complains about training in the heat (to be fair, it was a scorcher of a morning in July), and remarked on how she felt her fittest and exercised more effectively during the Fall/Winter months. Curious as to how anyone could prefer the cold, Jimmy begins researching the benefits of cooler climate exercise. When he can’t find anything, he knows he’s onto something revolutionary. He comes up with the concept of Brrrn—a cool temperature fitness experience.  In May of 2018, they open the world’s first cool temperature fitness studio in Manhattan’s Flatiron/Chelsea neighborhood.

Expanding on their success with in-studio fitness, the team went on to develop a robust "at home" offering focused on a unique slide board (called The Brrrn Board) paired with a streaming on-demand video service.  The Brrrn At Home online fitness program was launched in 2020 providing thousands of Brrrn fitness fans a new in-home experience.

Cyber-NY designed The Brrrn's at-home website to integrate with the Zype video platform to provide a seamless fitness experience across the web, OTT, and mobile.  Built on our Logic CMS platform, The Brrrn provides on-demand digital streaming of slide board workouts and fitness programs tracking each user's fitness goals.  Our rapid prototyping process that is at the core of the Logic CMS allowed us to launch the VOD service MVP within several weeks and continue to enhance and optimize the service in an agile, collaborative process.  The results have been amazing and growth continues at a rapid pace as Cyber-NY provides ongoing support and development.

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