Clash of the old and new media titans at 2016 New York Comicon

By Cyber-NY | October 6, 2016

Cyber-NY hits the 2016 New York Comicon to checkout the latest in entertainment, publishing and technology... where old school media meets the latest innovations in new media. And occasionally dresses like a merman.

Comicon Merman checking his phone

Merman takes a moment to check his phone.  That's right sea horse, we got free wifi at the Javitz!


Cosplay at New York Comicon

It's hammer time as cosplay is in full effect


New York Comicon 2016 at Javitz

Full house at the Javitz Center and the day is just getting started. And yes, we can't wait for October 23rd for TWD to return!


BB-8 and Cyber-NY

We're making friends with BB-8.  Apparently, do not touch, he's very delicate... or was it sensitive?


Wonder Woman Doll at Comicon

C3-PO looks on in shock as Wonder Woman is outselling him at a hefty $2,400 price tag


Costumes from Star Wars at Comicon New York

Awesome costumes from Star Wars - The Force Awakens


Storm Trooper Helmet

Storm Trooper Helmet


Will Smith's Deadshot costume from Suicide Squad


Assasins Creed

Minature Model inspired by Assasins Creed


White Dragon

 Riding the alien white dragon at the Konami pavillion